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Top 15 Tips for Choosing a Laser Eye Surgeon

25th June, 2014  

If you want to undergo life changing laser eye surgery, choose the right surgeon for you with The Eye Blog’s top 15 tips for choosing a eye surgeon.

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Laser Eye Surgery: Always Be Prepared

13th February, 2014  

Winter Olympian Bode Miller went on record this week as regretting the fact that he did not undergo laser eye surgery treatment before the Sochi Winter Olympics. Miller’s statement just proves how laser eye surgery can prepare you for the big events in your life and career

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What Do I Need to Know About My Laser Eye Surgeon?

23rd January, 2014  

With laser eye surgery helping more people achieve 20/20 vision than ever, there are some things you need to know to join this list. Primarily you need to know about your laser eye surgeon.

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Chris Evans Applauded for Helping People Conquer their Laser Eye Fears

30th September, 2013  

Chris Evans follows some of the most prominent celebrities in the world to have undergone laser eye surgery with stunning results. Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman was one of the first high profile celebrities to get the treatment back in 2007, inspiring a whole host of her fellow high profile celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Courtney Cox, Ashlee Simpson and Sir Richard Branson to undergo similar treatment. Jessica Simpson even had hers done when her and then husband Nick Lachey were starring on their reality show ‘Newlyweds’. The latest celebrity to follow these footsteps is radio host and comedian Chris Evans. … more

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David Cameron in support of the UK Vision Strategy 2013 – 2018

21st June, 2013  

Prime Minister, David Cameron has recently supported the launch of the UK Vision Strategy 2013 – 2018. The scheme’s purpose is to transform the UK’s eye health, eye care and sight loss services. The strategy, led by the Royal National Institute of Blind People, is a cross-sector initiative, uniting all those in the UK who want to take action on issues relating to vision. The strategy was officially launched at the beginning of June at the Vision UK 2013 conference in Westminster, London. The five year plan will ensure that everyone with an eye condition receives timely treatment and, if … more

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Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare

6th March, 2013  

You’ve decided to get laser eye surgery and booked your appointment, but what do you do once the procedure is completed? How do you stay safe and when can you get back to normal life: driving, sports, reading, TV and work?   Once surgery is completed the aftercare process begins – this is a very simple, yet important process to ensure you get the best possible results from your laser eye surgery – allowing you to reap the benefits of improved eyesight for years to come.   Top after surgery eye care tips:   #1 Have a friend collect you from … more

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Laser Eye Surgery and Eye Tests

30th January, 2013  

Regular eye test are not only important to check whether your prescription has changed, they can also reveal numerous problems you may have with your eyes that otherwise may go undiagnosed. Eyes are often good indicators of how a person is feeling – a person’s eyes look dramatically different when the person is tired or ill compared to happy. A simple eye test can determine whether a person has high blood pressure or diabetes as well as whether their eyesight has deteriorated or not. These tests can also determine whether the patient has glaucoma or cataracts and ensures that these … more

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Laser Surgery Eye and Hitched.co.uk

24th January, 2013  

Laser Surgery Eye  knows that getting married will be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. With this big decision comes a lot of questions about what type of dress you will want, where to hold the evening party and whether you should wear your glasses or not. Laser Surgery Eye understands that some brides will not want to wear glasses on their big day but may not feel comfortable wearing contacts. If you have never worn contacts before, do you really want to start wearing them in the run up to your wedding and maybe cause an eye … more

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Laser Surgery Abroad

7th January, 2013  

When it comes to laser eye surgery, many people have questioned whether going abroad is beneficial and worth doing. This guide will reveal the pros and cons of having the treatment abroad in order for you to make an informed decision on the right surgery for you. Many people who require the surgery opt to go abroad as prices can be significantly cheaper than in the UK. Eastern Europe is the winner when it comes to low laser eye surgery prices as their prices can be up to 50% cheaper than the UK. Countries with renowned low prices in Eastern … more

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Laser Eye Questions and Answers

11th December, 2012  

Can I still have laser eye surgery if I am pregnant? If you are pregnant or nursing, then you may not be an ideal candidate for laser eye surgery as hormones can temporarily change the shape of your eyes. I am under 18, can I get laser surgery? Laser surgery is recommended for those 18 and over. I have an autoimmune condition, can I get eye treatment? You are considered a less than ideal candidate as certain disorders can prevent or slow healing. I have myopia, will LASIK eye surgery cure this? Yes, as long as you have had an … more

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