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Ten Money Saving Tips to Help You Pay for Laser Eye Surgery

8th October, 2014  

If you want to get life changing laser eye surgery, but don’t have the cash, read on, as this week Laser Surgery Eyes reveals ten money savings tips you can use to help pay for laser eye surgery.   With a Few Lifestyle Adjustments, You’ll Soon Have Money to Pay for Laser Eye Surgery   The fact that laser eye surgery has helped over 20 million people across the world achieve 20/20 vision – or even 20/10 vision, has made it cheaper than ever. It’s like anything, the higher the demand, the cheaper supply. Yet even with more demand for … more

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How to Put in Contact Lenses

1st October, 2014  

If you’ve opted to wait before you get laser eye surgery, you might need to know how to put in contact lenses, which Laser Surgery Eyes is about to explain. You Need to Save Up Enough Cash to Pay for Laser Eye Surgery Whilst it’s possible to get 20/20 – or sometimes even better, vision when you opt to have life changing laser eye surgery – like 20 million people across the world have – it’s not right for everyone. More accurately, it’s not always the right time. Considering the cost of laser eye surgery, sometimes you need to wait, … more

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Laser Eye Surgery Case Study, Ruth Langford

26th September, 2014  

This week Laser Surgery Eyes shows how laser eye surgery can change somebody’s life, through looking at the story of television presenter Ruth Langford. Something has to be Seen to Be Believed You’ve heard us tell you time and time again how you can get 20/20, or sometimes even 20/10, vision when you have laser eye surgery. Furthermore, you’ve heard us tell you that over 20 million people worldwide have. Yet they’re just numbers, statistics. Laser Surgery Eyes understands that it’s hard to really imagine when you’re just looking at numbers on a page, or on a screen. Which is … more

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Leeds Hospital Uses Laser Eye Surgery Implants to Save Sight

26th August, 2014  

Laser Eye Surgery Isn’t a Miracle Cure As we’re sure you know by now, over 20 million people across the globe have used laser eye surgery to return to 20/20 –sometimes even better, 20/10 – vision, radically improving their quality of life. Yet laser eye surgery isn’t a miracle cure. It can’t treat patients with particularly bad eye prescriptions or eye condition.  Traditional laser eye surgery can’t, for example, treat keratoconus.

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Am I A Good Candidate for Laser Eye Surgery?

8th July, 2014  

This week we’re going to answer a question we at The Eye Blog know is on your minds: Am I a good candidate for laser eye surgery?

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Top 15 Tips for Choosing a Laser Eye Surgeon

25th June, 2014  

If you want to undergo life changing laser eye surgery, choose the right surgeon for you with The Eye Blog’s top 15 tips for choosing a eye surgeon.

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The Eye Blog Debunks Laser Eye Surgery Myths

18th June, 2014  

This week on the The Eye Blog blog we wanted to debunk those pesky laser eye surgery myths that stop people from gaining life-changing treatment!

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How Do I Find a Laser Eye Clinic?

17th December, 2013  

There are a whole host of questions that you need to consider when you get laser eye surgery. Of course you have to find out how much the whole thing will cost. You also have to consider whether you are suitable candidate for LASIK and other types of laser eye surgery. Most of these questions can either be answered by going onto price comparison websites or by your local optician. However there are some questions that they can’t answer. That’s why we’re here at Laser Surgery Eye, to help you. We want to make sure that you have all the … more

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How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

17th December, 2013  

Here at Laser Surgery Eye we want to make sure you know everything you can about laser eye surgery before you decide it is right for you. This means that we put our customers first and address all their concerns. With over 20 million people worldwide having had some form of laser eye surgery, this means that there is a lot of experience to go off when answering questions. It means we can accurately inform you of the risks, how to prepare yourself etc. However one of the most common questions we always get about laser eye surgery is the … more

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Don’t Compromise Quality when Debating Laser Eye Surgery Costs

18th June, 2013  

It hardly seems possible that laser eye surgery has been around for less than two decades. Over this space of time the revolutionary treatment has transformed the optical medical field. However, today concerns remain that getting laser eye surgery would lead to a significant decrease in your bank balance. Eye laser treatment has progressed rapidly and includes treatments concerning such eye conditions as cataracts, stigmatism and short/long sightedness. The demand for such treatments has grown too, and as these types of treatments have seen a radical rise in popularity, prices have gradually been reduced to what the average wage earner … more

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