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Lasers: They’re Not Just for Laser Eye Surgery Anymore

2nd June, 2014  


This week Laser Surgery Eyes have found out that lasers aren’t just for laser eye surgery anymore, we can use them to fix teeth to!

Lasers: Straight from the Pages of a Star Wars Screen Play

Laser technology is a relatively new thing, even though these days it’s so pervasive throughout the world that we use it for mundane things like printing. Techniques such as LASIK that use lasers to fix our eyes, were only introduced in the 1990’s, and people still have a hard time believing that they are actually capable of fixing our bodies, despite the fact that over 20 million people have used it to get back to life changing 20/20 vision.

That’s probably in part because of modern pop culture, which presents lasers as a futuristic invention that aren’t actually a viable tool for us to use in the here and now. In other words, we’ve seen one too many lasers in Star Wars and it’s warped our collective minds.

Laser Away Your Tooth Decay

In truth, it couldn’t be further from case. Laser technology is here and is widely used; not just by high tech scientists, but by ordinary health professionals.  Now we’ve found out that not only can we use them to fix our eyes, we can use them to fix our teeth too.

Yes, you haven’t heard wrong. News sources have reported this week that scientists have now developed a way to ‘laser away tooth decay.’ Specifically, US researchers say they’ve found a way to use lasers to regenerate parts of damaged teeth, and that one day this technique could be used to prevent us from having to undergo painful root canal treatments.

Laser Surgery Eyes on the Major Leap Forward

Dr Praveen Arany worked as part of the team at Harvard on the discovery and he spoke to the BBC on what it could mean. Arany said: “The laser tool and the mechanism we have outlined would ideally be used in pulp capping that would prevent root canal treatment and hopefully preserve the tooth without the need for it to be eventually extracted.”

So this is a major leap forward for dentistry, but what it reminds us here at Laser Surgery Eyes is that this perception that lasers are the stuff of sci-fi movies is false. They’re here, we use them practically every day, and one of those ways is to achieve 20/20 vision through revolutionary laser eye surgery!