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Laser Eye Surgery Helps Win the Super Bowl

6th February, 2014  


This week column inches across the pond were dominated by the Seattle Seahawks victory over the Denver Broncos in the Superbowl. This victory was achieved with the help of laser eye surgery. So just how did laser eye surgery help win the Super Bowl?

The British have never been big American football enthusiasts; most of us don’t know the rules and get offended they call it football anyway. However the cultural might of America means that even we’re interest in the Super Bowl. Admittedly for most of us that enthusiasm stems from the epic half time shows, but we tend to get caught up in the actual game anyway.

By any account this year’s Super Bowl was one that shouldn’t be missed. The game was the most watched event in American TV history; 111.5 million people tuned in to watch the Seahawks defeat the Bronco’s and the game was made more surprising by the lack of skill coming from Bronco’s player Peyton Manning, often lauded as the best player in American football.

One of the players helping coast the Seahawks to victory was Jermaine Kearse, a receiver for the team. Kearse, as reported by, a New Jersey online new site, was aided in his quest to help his team win the Super Bowl by laser eye Surgery.

Kearse underwent LASIK this time last year to fix short-sightedness. Kearse had such strong vision impairment that he even had trouble reading the license plates of the cars in front of him when he was driving. According to the site, the surgery was an immediate success.

According to Kearse, who spoke on the issue at Super Bowl Media Day (a press conference for the event) there was an immediate difference in the way he saw the world once he came out of surgery, his eyesight is now 20/15.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll commented on the surgery’s effect on Kearse’s game, saying that “I don’t know for a fact that (the surgery) changed things, but it sure seems like it did.” He then elaborated by saying that “he has just been over the top since he came back from that. Subjectively, I would say that it had an impact. He was good anyway.”

This highlights a key point about laser eye surgery, it can really make your life and your skill set better. Kearse is a professional athlete; he couldn’t afford to have vision impairment because his livelihood depends on it. However at Laser Surgery Eye we reckon that this is a lesson everybody could do with learning.