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Lasers: They’re Not Just for Laser Eye Surgery Anymore

2nd June, 2014  

This week Laser Surgery Eyes have found out that lasers aren’t just for laser eye surgery anymore, we can use them to fix teeth to!


What’s The Deal with Google Glass?

26th May, 2014  

If you’ve just had laser eye surgery, you might want to avoid the Google Glass technology, as it was revealed this week that it could be bad for your eye health. Laser Surgery Eyes debates


A Glimpse into the Future with the Bionic Eye

24th April, 2014  

At Laser Surgery Eye we realise that whilst it has helped return over 20 million people to 20/20 vision, laser eye surgery can’t cure every eye condition. But maybe a bionic eye could pick up the slack. That’s the question we want to tackle this week.


Proof Positive: LASIK Safe in the Long Term

16th April, 2014  

For anyone who held any doubts about the safety of LASIK, experts have recently concluded that in the long term, the revolutionary procedure is safe for patients. What does this indicate about the laser eye surgery industry at large?


The Unknown Benefits of Cataracts Surgery

10th April, 2014  

At Laser Surgery Eye we know the benefits of modern treatments such as all-laser cataracts surgery. However even we didn’t know that certain types of laser eye surgery can help you live longer. According to research this is the case with cataracts surgery.


The Lens Implant Receives FDA Approval

3rd April, 2014  

A long-awaited revolutionary technique has finally received approval from the FDA in the US this week. What could this mean for the laser eye surgery industry going forward and how soon may this treatment become available on a global scale.


A Ringing Endorsement

6th March, 2014  

A PR campaign that has gone into full force this week has seen over 800 optical professionals give laser eye surgery the thumbs up. Considering the level of their expertise, what can we learn from this innovative campaign to promote laser eye surgery?


Laser Eye Surgery Helps Win the Super Bowl

6th February, 2014  

This week column inches across the pond were dominated by the Seattle Seahawks victory over the Denver Broncos in the Superbowl. This victory was achieved with the help of laser eye surgery. So just how did laser eye surgery help win the Super Bowl?


Laser Eye Surgery Really Can Change Lives

30th January, 2014  

Laser Surgery Eye was happy to hear this week that a contest winner in the US used his winnings to provide LASIK treatment to his legally blind wife. It seems laser eye surgery really can change lives.


LASIK Surgery Can Change Lives

20th January, 2014  

Laser Surgery Eye has discovered that LASIK surgery has been used to give a quadriplegic man the ability to communicate. How is this possible and what does it tell us about the limitless opportunities offered by laser eye surgery?