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Seriously, You Should Be Drinking More Coffee

8th May, 2014  


We all like a cup of Joe to get us raring to go in the morning, and you’ll be pleased to know that your favourite habit is actually good for you, as it is great for your eye health and can help maintain it once you’ve had laser eye surgery. How is this possible?

Admittedly, most people out there tend to feel guilty about their coffee addiction. Considering how utterly long the working day is, and how much caffeine there is in one cup alone, there’s tends to be a perception in this country that we drink too much coffee for our own good.

But is there such a thing as too much coffee? There are certain instances, of course, where you should never drink coffee, the most obvious one coming to mind is during pregnancy.  However it turns out that if you’ve just had laser eye surgery, you definitely don’t fall into this category, as coffee can be just what you need to maintain eye health.

The Fight against Sight Deterioration

Recent scientific studies have placed the health ramifications of coffee under the metaphorical microscope and you might be surprised to find that it actually helps prevent the deterioration of sight due to the aging process. It’s also useful for fighting the deterioration of sight in cases of glaucoma.

Specifically, the reason that coffee is so handy to have around in the fight against sight deterioration is because it contains 7%-9% chlorogenic acid. It turns out that chlorogenic acid is a really strong antioxidant (is there anything they can’t do!) which is an amazing stimulant that allows you to maintain retinal health.

The study provided key information about how food and drink can affect your sight, and its senior author, Professor of Food Science Change Y. Lee, commented on what it means. Lee said that the study is “important in understanding functional foods, that is, natural foods that provide beneficial health effects,” and that “coffee is the most popular drink in the world, and we are understanding what benefit we can get from that.”

Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare

This is a critical finding for those people who have had laser eye surgery. A revolutionary surgery though it may be, helping over 20 million people across the globe achieve 20/20 vision, it is not preventative. This means that you still need to think about how you can make sure that your sight does not deteriorate due to age. Basically, The Eye Blog suggests that you might want to drink more coffee!