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With Laser Eye Surgery You Can Get 20/10 Vision

1st July, 2014  


As dashing male model David Gandy proved this week, it’s possible to go even further than 20/20 and get 20/10 vision with life changing laser eye surgery.

Welcome to Laser Surgery Eyes

Here at The Eye Blog – an online team dedicated to bringing readers, such as yourself, information regarding laser eye surgery – we have watched as laser eye surgery has changed the lives of over 20 million people across the world.

Correcting your site so that you return to 20/20 vision (often even acquiring better than 20/20 vision in the process) has a number of benefits; you never have to wear glasses or contacts again, you can play contact sports, you can proudly display your eye makeup etc. However in some (though not all) cases, one of the greatest benefits is that it’s entirely possible to come out with better vision than ever before!

Laser Eye Surgery Can Give You a Greater Depth of Visual Clarity

Of course, if you don’t particularly need better vision than everybody else. It isn’t essential to work, or playing sports and especially not to improving your look.

However the depth of clarity you receive with better-than-normal vision just cannot be compared – it’s amazing! Just ask gorgeous male model David Gandy.

Jenifer Lopez’s ‘Almost Perfect’ Man

Now, before we get into it, we need to disclose something to you, the reader. David Gandy is a fine specimen of a man, a wildly successful male model, the man who was described by international pop icon Jennifer Lopez as ‘almost perfect,’ and who has the distinguished honour of writing his own blog for vaunted fashion bible, Vogue Magazine.

So you might say, the guy leads a pretty charmed life. However, according to news sources including the Daily Mail, Gandy had problems with his sight. He decided to go to noted ophthalmologist David Allamby at the Focus Clinic in London to undergo what turned out to be a life changing LASIK procedure.

20/10 Vision – It’s even better than 20/20!

Well, remember when we told you that when most people go to have laser eye surgery, the aim is to come out with 20/20 vision, but that they often come out with vision that’s even better? That’s exactly what happened to Gandy.

It turned out that the male model’s LASIK procedure was so successful he came out with 20/10 vision. That may not sound particularly impressive but it really is. 20/10 vision, whilst not quite as good as 20/2 – a level of visual clarity only enjoyed by hawks and other birds of prey – is twice as clear as 20/20 vision. His world literally shifted into focus on the completion of his revolutionary LASIK procedure.

David Gandy on David Gandy’s Life Changing Laser Eye Surgery

Don’t just take our word for it, as the man himself wrote on his esteemed Vogue magazine blog about his experiences, and the Daily Mail article on the success of Gandy’s LASIK procedure used the man’s own words to show just what a success his endeavour into the world of laser eye surgery turned out to be.

Of the results of his surgery, the publication quotes Gamby as having written on his blog: ‘I can see! Well I have always been able to see, but not particularly well without the help of contact lenses or glasses, but finally I had time to have laser eye surgery and I now have 20/10 vision.’

A ringing endorsement indeed, and Gandy went further according to the Broadsheet, by talking about the joys of live with 20/10 vision. Gandy wrote that: ‘If you’ve never heard of 20/10 vision, like I hadn’t, then this actually means it is a level of vision twice as clear as 20/20,’ and that ‘it’s astounding – not quite the same as 20/2 – which is the level of hawks and birds of prey – but I’m guessing I won’t need to be hunting small mice in fields of long grass any time soon.’

What Was Gandy’s Life like Immediately after Surgery?

So what was it like straight after the surgery, was it different because he came out with 20/10 vision? Not in the slightest. Gandy’s experience immediately after his LASIK procedure was exactly the same as anyone else’s.

In his own words, Gandy wrote of his time immediately after surgery: ‘Within a few hours I had virtually forgotten that I’d even had the procedure – there was a little dryness and graininess, but that was it.’

Gandy went to further illustrate how he felt immediately surgery, writing that ‘David Allamby has refined the Lasik procedure to allow very rapid recovery so even though Mum Gandy came with me to drive me home, I honestly felt as though I could have done this myself, or maybe that was just me not wanting someone else driving the car!’

It’s Possible to Go One Better than 20/20!

So the consensus here is pretty clear – although it’s not always possible, a lot of people come out of laser eye surgery with better vision than they could have ever possibly expected. The recovery process was exactly the same as it would have been if you came out with 20/20 vision, and the major benefit?  You come out with vision so unbelievably crystal clear, that the world really does seem like a whole new place.

At The Eye Blog we suggest that if you want to see whether it would be possible to go one better than 20/20, you book an appointment with your optician to explore your laser eye surgery options, than come to The Eye Blog to find the right clinic for the job. Worst case scenario; you come out with 20/20 vision and you can still see pretty damned clearly. Best? You come out with vision so pitch perfect, you’ll never look at the world in the same way again!