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Why Do We Need Sunglasses?

5th May, 2014  


Happy days are here again – the sun is beaming down once again, and we’re already breaking out the shades. As summer speeds towards Britain, Laser Surgery Eye thought we’d remind you just why you need sunglasses as we hit scorching temperatures.

There are obvious fashion advantages to that pair of aviators you’ve been eyeing in that High Street shop window. One pair of shades and suddenly you’re Tom Cruise in Top Gun or Posh Spice out and about in town. You’re glamorous, you’re cool and sexy and sophisticated.

However, in the rush to emulate our favourite Hollywood stars, we often forget that sunglasses have a practical application as well, and that without them, we just might do more harm than good under the summer sun.

The Practical Applications of Sunglasses

Obviously they protect you from the sun, that’s why they’re called sunglasses. Don a pair of shades and you negate the damage that the sun’s UV rays can do to your sight (remember you must buy sunglasses with 100% UV protection for them to actually work). We’ve even written more about How You Can Protect Your Eyes From the Sun, however there are more benefits to shades that you might not be familiar with.

Let’s start with laser eye surgery. This amazing treatment that has brought 20/20 vision to over 20 million people worldwide only tackles problems that already exist.

It doesn’t prevent future problems from forming. Donning shades every once in a while is especially important to those people who have had laser surgery because they’ve already done it once, do they really want to do it again? Also specialists recommend that you wear sunglasses as often as you can just after treatments such as LASIK, because your sight is particularly vulnerable at this point.

This brings us nicely to our next point – if you work in a profession where you are constantly exposed to heavy amounts of artificial light – like Hollywood movie actors – your eyes get really sensitive to natural light. That’s why you need shades, to mute the effects it has on your sight when you’re out in the real world.

Finally, did you know that sunglasses protect against common eye conditions? Seriously, it’s true. All you have to do is put a pair on and you reduce the likelihood of developing common eye conditions such as cataracts and dry eye syndrome, because the shades protect your eyes from external factors that help bring these conditions on.