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What to expect at a laser eye surgery consultation

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31st October, 2012  


You may be a little nervous going in for your initial consultation for laser eye surgery, so we’ve written up this article to help you understand the basic process that the clinic will follow when you go to your consultation.

It is likely that you will be advised against wearing contact lenses leading up to the consultation. You must leave them out to allow your cornea to revert to its natural shape. For soft contact lenses, this is usually about 24 hours, but with hard contact lenses this could be up to 2 weeks. It is a good idea to ask the clinic, when you first get in touch, to book the consultation and find out for certain how long they suggest leaving your contacts out for before the consultation.

Make sure to bring sunglasses to your consultation, as well as having someone available to drive you home. Due to the eye drops, you will leave the consultation very light sensitive and with blurry vision. It is advised that you do not drive for a minimum of 4 hours following the consultation, so many people find it better to book the full day off work.

The aim of the consultation is to check if you are suitable for laser eye surgery and, if so, working out which treatment is best for you. To find this out, a number of checks and tests will be carried out. You eye doctor will probably first discuss the history of your eye health, and any symptoms you may suffer from. They will probably also ask if you have worn contact lenses, and if you do then how long have you worn them for. You will also be asked about any eye conditions that you currently have, or may be at risk from, such as glaucoma.

After this, the eye doctor will then check your overall eye health, as well as studying your prescription. It can be a good idea to bring details of your current or past prescriptions, and of course your current set of glasses or lenses.

The eye doctor will measure the shape of your cornea using a corneal topographer. This measures the overall shape of your cornea and makes sure that laser eye surgery is safe to be carried out on your eyes. The thickness of your cornea will also be measured, and will be a deciding role in which laser eye surgery you can opt for. For example, people with a thinner cornea often opt for LASEK eye surgery over LASIK eye surgery.

You will be informed on whether or not you are suitable for eye surgery, and your options for surgery will be discussed. This is an opportunity to ask any questions or concerns you may have, and it is better if you go in to have the surgery with as much information as possible.

At this point, you can either book an appointment, or you can go home and think on it as most clinics should offer no-obligation consultations. Many clinics also offer free consultations, which is ideal if you want a second opinion from alternative clinics, and will help you decide which clinic you would prefer to book the surgery with.

If you want to book an initial consultation, then fill in our online contact form, and we will put you in touch with your local laser eye clinics.