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What Does Laser Eye Surgery Feel Like?

29th May, 2014  


Many people still believe laser eye surgery is painful, which couldn’t be less true. That is why on the Laser Surgery Eyes blog, we ask, what does laser eye surgery really feel like?

The Exploration of a Myth

It’s natural that you might feel that laser eye surgery would be painful. After all, it is a surgery. Most types of surgery carry a certain amount of pain. Even having your appendix taken out or a filling isn’t completely painless.

However, the amount of people who actually believe that laser eye surgery is more painful than childbirth (hyperbole maybe, but you know what we mean) is ridiculous. The problem gets worse when you consider that many people believe this pain carries on once the surgery is finished. That’s why we’d like to clear up these gross misconceptions.

Laser Eye Surgery – The Clues in the Title

The thing about laser eye surgery is that – and the clues in the title – it is performed by a laser. This means that whilst there may be a little discomfort, the vast majority of people feel no pain at all.

Specifically, it really is the simplest of surgeries. You discuss any risk factors beforehand (such as age, previous medical conditions etc.). After that you go in, get prepped, sit in a chair for 15 minutes per eye and that’s it. No pain, and you can walk away straight after, although it is advised you shade your eyes whilst they adjust to their post-surgery state and avoid driving in the immediate aftermath.

20/20 Vision Really Means 20/20 Vision

So what does it feel like after? Is there any delayed pain? Whilst there may be some discomfort at first, it quickly fades away and then, no pain! What you will feel, however, is the world sliding into picture perfect focus for the first time. Like when you first wear contact lenses and everything is suddenly so much sharper.

Manchester Confidential recently featured a piece from writer Jonathan Schofield exploring the immediate aftermath of LASIK surgery. He described it quite well, saying: “As I looked into the distance and read posters advertising shows at the Lowry arts complex, I thought about the peculiar human trait of rapidly forgetting any discomfort once you’re out the other side. “This has been so worthwhile.” That was because his view was ‘that’ clear!

Laser Surgery Eyes would like to answer this question once and for all; in the vast majority of cases, there is no pain involved at all when it comes to laser eye surgery, just a little discomfort, and then 20/20 vision!