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Top Five Things You Should Eat After Laser Eye Surgery

30th April, 2014  


Once you’ve had life-changing laser eye surgery, you need to make sure that your sight stays healthy, and your diet is a vital part of that. That’s why this week we’re listing the top five things you should eat after laser eye surgery!

Whilst laser eye surgery can get you back to 20/20 vision, it’s a corrective, not a preventative measure. Other problems can flare up and that’s why you need to take care of your eye sight.

Problems with eye sight can be prevented or spurred on by diet. That is because, like any other part of the boy, eye health is sustained through the vitamins and nutrients you feed into your body on a daily basis. If you want to sustain the benefits of laser eye surgery in the long term, then your diet needs to be full of…

1)      Fruit and Veg: That old myth that you need five a day has never been truer when it comes to your eyes. Fruit and veg are valuable sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, which research has shown reduces the risk of chronic eye diseases.


2)      Potatoes: Although it’s widely known that fruit is a great source of vitamin c, did you know that you can get it from potatoes as well?  True story, according to the NHS. This amazing anti-oxidant drives down the risk of cataracts, a problem we’re all at risk of facing as we enter our golden years.


3)      Nuts and Seeds: Who hasn’t indulged in one of those packets of mixed nuts gracing the supermarket shelves at some point? Turns out, as far as your sight is concerned, you’re doing the right thing. That’s because they contain the wonder vitamin, vitamin e, which can help prevent the breakdown of eye tissue.


4)      Fish: We’ve probably all heard it bandied around that fish contains omega 3, which is an essential fatty acid, and that it’s good for us. Well, it pretty much is, especially for our sight. Essential fatty acids have been thought to help people with visual development and retinal function.


5)      Beef and Lamb: Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Sunday roast? Well it turns out that this staple of households across the country is good for your vision, as beef and lamb contain high amounts of zinc. Zinc helps with the production of melanin, a protective pigment in the eyes.