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Preparing for Laser Eye Surgery

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23rd August, 2012  


If you have decided to go ahead with laser eye surgery, here are a few tips and pointers on preparing for the treatment.

Firstly, as with any type of surgery, you might be feeling nervous and anxious, or you may feel scared which is completely normal. The procedure may sound scary to some, but it is a quick pain free operation so try and relax!

You don’t need to worry about what you eat and drink before the procedure as it is done under local anaesthetic.

Your eyes need to be free of contact lenses for a few weeks before the procedure, so wear your glasses. This is because wearing contacts can affect the shape of the cornea which can alter the results of the treatment, so going contact free for a few weeks will allow the cornea form to its natural state in time for the operation.  For people who wear soft lenses, you would usually have to take them out 2 weeks prior to the surgery and for rigid gas permeable or toric lenses usually around 3 weeks and hard lenses around a month. Failing to do this will affect the outcome of the operation. You will have to ask your doctor for advice on how long you should leave them out, as it does depend on how long you have worn them and other factors that will change with the individual.

A few days prior to the surgery you will have to go make-up free. You may be asked to wash your eyes before the producer to clear any debris or dust away from the eyes. Avoid wearing perfume, cologne or hairspray on the day of the procedure as they can contain alcohol. Keep clear of any lotions, beauty eye creams, etc before and after to avoid infection. You may be given a special cream/face wash from your doctor to use. You will have to wait a few weeks before you can start wearing make-up or lotions, but wait until you are advised to as you may cause and infection.

You will need to organise transport getting to a from the laser eye surgery clinic as you will not be able to drive yourself or use public transport, as your eyesight will be blurry making it dangerous to drive.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing to make the experience as easy for you as possible, but avoid wearing anything wool as this may generate lint.

Alcohol can dehydrate your eyes so avoids drinking any 48 hours prior to the procedure.

You might also was to shower before the surgery as you won’t be able to for a few days after, and avoid getting any haircuts or treatments as this could cause hair and debris getting in the eyes and causing infections.

Always discuss and ask questions with your doctor if you are not 100% clear on anything.

By following these tips and all advice and instructions given to you by your doctor, you will ensure your experience will go as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

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