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Laser Surgery Eye’s Top Four Risks to Eye Health

12th May, 2014  


After laser eye surgery you need to make sure that you keep your eye health in check, and that’s why this week we thought we’d identify the four biggest risks that you need to avoid to protect your eyes.

At Laser Surgery Eyes we’ve seen so many instances where people forget about the importance of aftercare. They believe that laser eye surgery is a miracle cure that will automatically make all of their problems go away.

The reality is different. Yes, it is a miracle cure, having helped over 20 million people worldwide back to 20/20 vision, however it can’t solve everything. You still have to look after your eyes to make sure that problems don’t threaten your vision.

The Top Four from Laser Surgery Eye

This is why you need to know what poses the biggest risk to your sight. Knowledge is power and if you know about the risks in front of you, you can get proactive and deal with them before they become a problem that could damage your newly acquired 20/20 vision.

Saying that, here are Laser Surgery Eyes top four eye health risks you need to protect yourself against:

1) Absence: The biggest threat to eye health in this country is missing opticians’ appointments.  According to the Eyecare Trust, 20 million in the UK fail to have an eye test every two years. How can you identify a problem if you don’t even get your eyes checked?

2) Smoking: There are a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t smoke, and one of them is that it can actually turn you blind. It is in fact the UK’s leading cause of blindness, so don’t smoke!

3) Obesity: Studies have also shown that obesity can be detrimental to your eye health, as it can contribute to conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts. Make sure you follow a healthy diet to protect your sight.

4) Inadequate UV Protection: The effects of UV light on your vision are well documented and if you do not protect your eyes from the sun rays, they can induce cataracts and bring about retinal degeneration. This is why this summer you need to invest in a pair of sunglasses!

Basically, the lifestyle choices you make can have a massive impact on your sight and induce vision related conditions that’ll deprive you of the 20/20 vision provided to you by laser eye surgery. Protect yourself from these risks to keep your eyes healthy in the long term!