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Laser Eye Surgery: Are You Too Old or Too Young?

10th January, 2014  


With over 20 million people having benefitted from laser eye surgery, it’s a technique that has helped people the world over achieve 20/20 vision. However with surgery come concerns. That is why Laser Surgery Eye wants to clear up a key concern, is laser eye surgery age limited?

It’s important to note that on the whole, the vast majority of people qualify for laser eye surgery. In most cases, the elements that may disqualify you from surgery, such as weight and age, do not apply here.

However there are some instances where laser eye surgery is not advisable. For example those with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes do not qualify for the treatment. For more advice on this consult your local optician.

Also the severity of the condition can sometimes disqualify you from laser eye treatment. This is because some conditions are so severe, that the technology hasn’t caught up yet. They do not have the capability to correct them. Again, consult your local optician for more advice.

However the key question here: is age a concern? In most cases the answer to this is no. The vast majority of adults, based purely on age, are eligible for laser eye surgery. It’s not like the minute you hit middle age you suddenly become a risk.

However there are some age restrictions. Firstly, can you be too young for laser eye surgery? In fact, you actually can and there’s a very good reason why.

The reason for this is eye development. Whilst you are going through your teenage years and early 20’s, your eyes are still developing, they aren’t finished yet. This means that surgery could interfere in further development. The general guideline is 21 but some people are advised to wait a few more years.

Now for the other end of the spectrum, can you be too old for laser eye surgery. The general answer to this is no. However the state of the eye can be a factor in this equation.

Age can mean that the eye deteriorates. The lens in the eye has to be clear for the surgery to take place. The patient must also understand that this will not prevent age related cataracts.

However you can now also receive laser eye treatment for cataracts. New laser computer assisted cataracts surgeries have developed that are doing wonders in the fight against the condition. This means that even if the lens is cloudy, it does not necessarily prevent you from getting treatment.

As far as age in concerned, there are generally no problems in age and laser eye surgery. It can be an issue, however the issue is usually one that can be addressed and solved.