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How to Put in Contact Lenses

1st October, 2014  


If you’ve opted to wait before you get laser eye surgery, you might need to know how to put in contact lenses, which Laser Surgery Eyes is about to explain.

You Need to Save Up Enough Cash to Pay for Laser Eye Surgery

Whilst it’s possible to get 20/20 – or sometimes even better, vision when you opt to have life changing laser eye surgery – like 20 million people across the world have – it’s not right for everyone.

More accurately, it’s not always the right time. Considering the cost of laser eye surgery, sometimes you need to wait, and save up enough cash before you have the life changing procedure.

Whilst You’re Saving, Wear Contact Lenses

Whilst you wait and save, you need to make sure that have a system in place to ensure your eye sight works at 20/20, in order to live your everyday life.

In most cases, people opt for two solutions – glasses or contact lenses. For a lot of people, contact lenses are the more attractive option. This can be for a number of reasons i.e. they feel glasses make them look unattractive, they need contact lenses to play contact sport etc.

Use This Guide to Put Contact Lens In

But people often balk at the idea of wearing contact lenses, and most often, it’s because they feel uncomfortable having something in their eye. More specifically, a putting something in, and taking something out of their eyes, as well as having their fingers near their eyes.

Which is why it’s pretty handy to know how to put a contact lens in, which is fairly easy as long as you use the following guide…

  • Start by taking your contact lens case and standing in front of the mirror. As it can be a fiddly process, you need to be able to see what you are doing to make sure you put a contact lens in correctly.


  • Before you do anything else, make sure to wash your hands as you need clean hands to make sure any dirt, grit etc. doesn’t make its way into your eye.


  • Open the case, and carefully lift out the contact lens with the largest finger on the opposite hand to the eye you are putting the contact lens in. You need to be careful, to ensure the lens doesn’t come into contact with another substance i.e. grit, that could get in your eye.


  • So if you are putting a contact lens into your left eye, lift it out with the finger on your right hand, as it will be this finger that you use to put it into your left eye.


  • Check the lens is the right way up, by placing it standing up on your finger tip and squeezing it gently at the edges. If it is the right way up, it should lightly bounce back. If not, it will mould to your finger.


  • Take the corresponding hand (i.e. left hand for left eye) and use your thumb and forefinger to light pull the upper and lower lids of the eye apart, to make more room for the accurate placing of the lens on the eye.


  • Now, lift the finger with the contact lens on to the opposite eye (left eye, finger on the right hand) and place gently as close to the centre of the eye as you possibly can.


  • Finally, blink a few times until the lens is sitting comfortably in your eye, and repeat the process with the other.

How to Take a Contact Lens Out of Your Eye

You will also need to know how to take your contact lenses out; something which you should do every day, as it’s inadvisable to wear them when you sleep. Doing so can cause irritation, headaches etc.

It’s a fairly similar process, however there are some differences you need to know about, to ensure you effectively remove a contact lens from your eye. Here’s how you do it…

  • Start as before, stand in front of the mirror so you can see what you’re doing and wash your hands to make sure nothing gets in your eye.


  • Use the corresponding hand (left hand, left eye) and once again use your thumb and forefinger to lightly prise your upper and lower eye lids apart.


  • Then take the finger that feels most comfortable (usually the forefinger), and place it gently onto the centre of the eye.


  • At this point, you should be able to feel the contact lens under your finger tip; if you can’t, feel around until you can.


  • Now, gently drag your finger whilst lightly placing it down on the lens. This should drag the lens away from the centre of the eye. You’ll know if it’s doing so, as you’ll notice a blurring of vision.


  • Drag until the contact lens is sitting at the corner of your eye, and then lightly pull it out of the eye.


  • Alternatively, instead of dragging you can pinch it out of the eye. To do so, place the thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand at the edges of the lens, then pinch and it should pop out of the eye.


  • Once it’s out, you need to clean it to ensure that it’s wearable the next day (unless you’re wearing dalies, which you just throw away).


  • To do so, place the lens in the centre of your hand, making sure it’s the right way up by performing the same ‘bounce test,’ you did to make sure it was the right way up when you put it in. Then, pour solution into the lens until it’s completely full.


  • Finally – making sure the lens is still the right way up – pour solution into the case, put the contact lens in, then close.

Practise Makes Perfect

That’s it. As long as you follow these guides, you should have no problem putting contact lenses in and taking them out, as you wear them whilst saving up for laser eye surgery. However, it is a technique that’s honed overtime, so when you start wearing contact lenses, make sure to practise putting them in an taking them out  as often as you can.