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How Can You Pay For Laser Eye Surgery?

3rd March, 2014  


When you’ve decided to take the opportunity to get life changing laser eye surgery, one of the biggest concerns is cost. How can you pay for laser eye surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery has gotten so much cheaper than it used to be. As more and more (over 20 million worldwide) people have turned to this revolutionary treatment, demand has driven down prices. However you can still be left paying around £1,000 per eye, although costs vary depending on the surgery and the procedure.

Before you think about paying for it though first you might be able to get treatments such as LASIK on the NHS. The requirements for NHS laser eye surgery are strict and you usually can’t get it for cosmetic reasons. Check with the NHS website for the conditions.

The good thing is that prices have come down so much that they are manageable for most people. The bad is that even then, it’s not something you can just pay for out of your wages. You have to save for it. So how can you save up the money you need?

First think about your budget, how can you stretch it so you have some money left over to add to the laser eye surgery pot?

Look at the amount of money you have coming in and then at each of the expenses you have going out every month. Do you really need to pay them all? Do you have to drive to work every day, could the food budget be skimmed a little? Make these savings and be one step closer to revolutionary eye treatment!

Or why not try making a little money to add to the pot? Do this by getting creative and selling off some of your old things. You’d be surprised just how much somebody out there will be willing to pay for your old junk.

To do this, create an EBay account. For those of you who aren’t familiar, EBay is a website dedicated to selling off your second hand junk. Create the account; make your items look attractive and post glossy photos; then let the bidding begin!

Or you could make money on your shopping. If you shop at Tesco’s take advantage of their clubcard points. Sainsbury’s shoppers can collect Nectar points and so on and so forth. These are points you can put towards a future shopping bill. Then you can put the money saved towards the laser eye surgery pot.

There are tonnes of ways out there you can save money that you can then put towards the laser eye surgery pot! Start today and you’ll have 20/20 vision in no time!