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Can You Swim With Contacts?

28th May, 2015  

With summer coming up, you may be thinking of hitting the nearest pool in the next few weeks. That’s why you should stick around, as The Eye Blog asks; can you swim with contacts?   Truth to the rumour     If you wear contact lenses you’ll have faced this dilemma at some point. You need to be able to see where you’re going when you swim, but you’ve heard that swimming whilst wearing contact lenses can damage your eyes. Is there any truth to the rumour? Usually we would say no, but in this case the rumour doesn’t completely … more

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More People Are Becoming Short-Sighted Across Europe

14th May, 2015  

Recent data has shown The Eye Blog that more people are becoming short-sighted across Europe. What does this mean for your vision? A definition of short-sightedness According to the NHS short-sightedness, also known as myopia, “is a common eye condition that causes distant objects to appear blurred, while close objects can be seen clearly.” In practise this means that if you’re short-sighted, you can’t see things that are far away. Treating myopia If you think that you may be short-sighted you should visit an optician. They’ll conduct a standard eye test to determine whether your vision is 20/20 (6/6 in … more

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What is Legal Blindness in the UK?

7th May, 2015  

Do you have trouble seeing even with glasses or contact lenses? If so, you may be legally blind. To find out if you fall into this category read on, as The Eye Blog asks; what is legal blindness in the UK?   Perceptions of blindness   The word ‘blind’ is one of those words that’s thrown around all the time. For example, it’s common practise for people to joke that they’re blind if they have a particularly strong glasses prescription. However blindness is a legal concept. It’s a parameter that can determine how you live your life. If your sight … more

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Am I Entitled to a Free NHS Eye Test?

24th April, 2015  

Am I Entitled to a Free NHS Eye Test?   Have you been asking yourself “am I entitled to a free NHS eye test” a lot lately? If so read on, as The Eye Blog lets you know whether it’s possible to get an eye test on the NHS without paying a penny.   What can you get on the NHS?   The NHS is the UK’s National Health Service. Set up in 1948 as a part of the then-Labour government’s new welfare state, the NHS is a publicly funded health care system that’s designed to provide a range of … more

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What is Colour-Blindness?

16th April, 2015  

What is Colour-Blindness?   People often find themselves confused when they hear the phrase ‘colour blind’. The Eye Blog has decided to educate you about colour-blindness by asking; what is it, how can you tell whether you have it and can you treat it?   Colour-blind, a definition   The term ‘colour-blind’ is thrown around a lot. We use it in a variety of contexts. Sometimes we find ourselves wishing that society was colour-blind; that people didn’t discriminate by race. Others, we find ourselves lamenting our best friend’s colour-blind wardrobe; we’re insulting their fashion sense. However, sometimes we use the … more

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What Does 20/20 Vision Mean?

10th April, 2015  

What Does 20/20 Vision Mean?   We’re always being told that 20/20 is the standard of vision that we all must aspire to. Why? The Eye Blog answers that question by asking; what does 20/20 vision mean and what does it mean for your sight?   ‘Normal’ vision   20/20 is one of those phrases that’s tossed around all the time. You hear it in the optician’s office, in contact lens and laser eye surgery adverts and even here on The Eye Blog. Why do we all like to bandy around the phrase ‘20/20 vision’ so much?   This is … more

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How Can You Apply Eyeliner Without Infecting Your Eye?

2nd April, 2015  

How Can You Apply Eyeliner Without Infecting Your Eye?   A new study has shown what can happen when you apply eyeliner incorrectly. The Eye Blog explains how you can apply eyeliner without infecting your eye.   Make your eyes pop   Ladies, you know how the routine goes. Several hours before a night out you need to break out the makeup bag, claw the bathroom mirror down from the wall and carefully apply your best slap so you can walk straight out of your front door and into the hottest club in town feeling like a million bucks! No … more

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How can You Treat Glaucoma?

26th March, 2015  

How can You Treat Glaucoma?   Estimates suggest that over 500,000 people in England and Wales have glaucoma. If you think you may have the condition read on, as The Eye Blog explains how to treat glaucoma.   What is glaucoma?   Your eye balls constantly produce a fluid called aqueous humor. Sometimes the eye produces more of this liquid than it needs, so it drains the excess through a series of tubes back into your bloodstream. But sometimes these tubes become slightly blocked and this stops the fluid from draining. Nobody knows exactly why this happens. This causes pressure … more

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Is it Really Possible to Change the Colour of Your Eyes?

18th March, 2015  

Is it Really Possible to Change the Colour of Your Eyes?     New reports which detail the rise of an innovative new surgery have spurred The Eye Blog to ask; is it really possible to change the colour of your eyes?   The grass is always greener   What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see sapphire orbs glowing from the glass or dull muddy balls staring right back at you? Ask anyone you know and they’d probably jump to tell you the latter before you even finish your sentence. The truth is that … more

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What is the most common eye colour in the UK?

12th March, 2015  

Ever wondered who has the same eye colour as you?  How popular the shade of your eyes is? Stick around as The Eye Blog asks; what is the most common eye colour in the UK?   Why are our eyes certain colours?   It’s all scientific. According to All About Vision the coloured part of your eye is called the iris. This part of the eye is responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil; the small black ‘circle’ in the centre. Essentially light enters the eye through the pupil, so the iris is responsible for controlling how … more

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