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Monthly Archives: February 2014

What is the Future of Laser Eye Surgery?

19th February, 2014  

Laser Eye Surgery is a dynamic industry that is changing every single day. Saying this Laser Surgery Eye this week asks what could the future hold for laser eye surgery?

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How Can You Tell If you Have Sight Issues?

17th February, 2014  

It’s surprising how many people don’t know whether they have sight issues. If you don’t know if you have sight issues, then you won’t get the treatment you need, such as laser eye surgery, to go back to 20/20 vision. So how can you tell if you have sight issues? Naturally the only way to know for sure whether you have sight issues is to go to your local optician. They will conduct a series of eye tests; let you know exactly what condition you have and let you know your options for correcting the issue. However you’d be surprised … more

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Laser Eye Surgery: Always Be Prepared

13th February, 2014  

Winter Olympian Bode Miller went on record this week as regretting the fact that he did not undergo laser eye surgery treatment before the Sochi Winter Olympics. Miller’s statement just proves how laser eye surgery can prepare you for the big events in your life and career

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Laser Eye Surgery’s Good Samaritan

10th February, 2014  

There are people out there who make it their mission to give back. One of those people is ophthalmologist Mark Wevill who brings laser eye surgery to the table. What does Wevill do and how is he using laser eye surgery to make this world a better place? Laser eye surgery has helped over 20 million people across the world achieve 20/20 vision. However considering the costs incurred through laser eye surgery this development is largely limited to the first world. People in third world countries can’t afford it no matter how bad their eye problems. People underestimate how much … more

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Laser Eye Surgery Helps Win the Super Bowl

6th February, 2014  

This week column inches across the pond were dominated by the Seattle Seahawks victory over the Denver Broncos in the Superbowl. This victory was achieved with the help of laser eye surgery. So just how did laser eye surgery help win the Super Bowl?

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How Can You Safely Get Something Out of Your Eye?

3rd February, 2014  

At Laser Surgery Eye we recognise that eye health doesn’t stop being an issue once you get laser eye surgery; you still need to take care of them. That’s why this week we wanted to discuss a key eye health issue. How can you safely get something out of your eye?

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