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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Chris Evans Applauded for Helping People Conquer their Laser Eye Fears

30th September, 2013  

Chris Evans follows some of the most prominent celebrities in the world to have undergone laser eye surgery with stunning results. Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman was one of the first high profile celebrities to get the treatment back in 2007, inspiring a whole host of her fellow high profile celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Courtney Cox, Ashlee Simpson and Sir Richard Branson to undergo similar treatment. Jessica Simpson even had hers done when her and then husband Nick Lachey were starring on their reality show ‘Newlyweds’. The latest celebrity to follow these footsteps is radio host and comedian Chris Evans. … more

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Laser Surgery Eye Rounds Up the Impact of National Eye Health Week

27th September, 2013  

National Eye Health Week has come and gone, and until next September, we at Laser Surgery Eye wave it good bye for now, waiting for it to come around once again. Now is the time to take stock, to reflect and look back on National Eye Health Week; was it a success, was it a failure, did it inspire people and so on and so forth. The event saw eye specialists and health professionals the length and breadth of the country take up the banner and break out their drums to march to the beat of eye health as they … more

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Get Onboard With National Eye Health Week

13th September, 2013  

Ever since it was established back in 2010, National Eye Health week has proved a major success, acting as a vehicle to educate the populace of Britain about the many concerns you need to have concerning the health of not just your eyesight, but your eyes in general. Building on past success, National Eye Health Week is once again coming to the british public between Monday 16th September and Sunday 22nd September. The week sees eye care  charities, organisations and health professionals all come together to promote the importance of eye health and the need for every single person to … more

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‘Cool’ Laser Eye Surgery

3rd September, 2013  

New low heat laser eye surgery may prevent millions of diabetics from going blind. Reports are currently circulating concerning a revolutionary new method, called ‘Retinal Rejuvenation’, of laser eye surgery. In what has been deemed as ‘cool’ laser eye surgery by those already advocating this new technique, the idea is that current laser eye treatments use a type of laser that generates a certain amount of heat. Currently, laser eye surgery is only offered to patients with a ‘significant’ loss of sight, as current techniques, whilst treating the ‘abnormal’ parts of the eye can actually damage healthy parts of the … more

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