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Free Eye Tests

28th August, 2013  

Eyesight tests are of course the most effective method of determining whether you need contact lenses or glasses to correct your vision. However, sight tests can reveal much more about your overall health than the state of your vision alone, and for this reason they are essential. Many serious eye conditions such as Glaucoma and Cataracts can be detected and if caught early enough, can be treated successfully, avoiding potential sight loss. Did you also know that regular eye examinations can identify conditions such as diabetes and even high blood pressure? It is therefore highly recommended that you visit your … more

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Disease Commonly Treated by Laser Eye Surgery Said to be Misrepresented

1st August, 2013  

Findings in the February 2013 edition of the Journal of Ophthalmology suggest Glaucoma, a disease commonly treated with laser eye surgery may have been misrepresented in images online. Experts in Ophthalmology are warning that inaccurate images of the effects of Glaucoma may be causing patients to delay seeking treatment. Glaucoma is an eye disorder marked by unusually high pressure within the eyeball that leads to damage of the optic disc. There are various types of Glaucoma with open angle Glaucoma being the most common form. Open angle Glaucoma is caused by the slow clogging of the drainage canals, resulting in … more

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