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Does Laser Eye Surgery Hurt?

29th July, 2013  

  Laser Eye Surgery is a truly life changing procedure, however as with any operation, there is a lot to consider from a patient’s point of view. Common considerations include the cost of the treatment as well as the associated risks, however we find the most frequently asked question is whether laser eye surgery is painful.   Patient’s concerns often arise in relation to needles or the burning sensation of the laser. This blog will aim to dispel such myths and inform you of the facts. Firstly, the use of anesthetic eye drops eradicate any need for the use of … more

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The Benefits of IntraLase Lasik Eye Surgery

24th July, 2013  

Intralase Lasik Eye Surgery is the worlds most advanced eye laser treatment, revolutionising laser eye surgery with a 100% blade free Lasik procedure Today the treatment is widely available in the UK today thanks to leading practitioners such as Optimax who were the first to make the procedure available nationwide. Patients looking to trade their sight-diminishing myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism (oval corneal curvature) for 20/20 or better vision are able to reap the benefits of a procedure that takes just 20 seconds per eye to complete. With its excellent safety profile and superior visual outcomes, the IntraLase Laser … more

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Why frequent wearers of Contact Lenses should consider Laser Eye Surgery

22nd July, 2013  

With around three million people wearing contact lenses today in the UK, contact lenses are without doubt an effective solution for many eye ailments. It is also true that contact lenses are extremely safe, however recent studies have increased concerns that indiscriminate use of contacts can harm the eye, causing problems such as corneal ulcers, corneal abyss, corneal opacity or corneal blindness. The long term solution to vision correction, laser eye surgery is therefore becoming increasingly popular as the procedure continues to fall in price and deliver outstanding results. Laser eye surgery certainly removes the hassle and impracticalities associated with … more

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Exercises to Improve Eye Health

10th July, 2013  

  Whilst advancements in eye care such as LASIK Eye Surgery have rapidly developed how we look after our eyes, many modern day professions and daily activities that involve staring at computer and TV screens can put our eyes under a constant strain.   Studies have shown that the average person spends between eight and nine hours a day looking at a screen of some sort, which can really damage our eye heath. For many of us this is an unavoidable consequence of our day to day lives, but here is a seven step process to maintaining your eyes’ health … more

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Should Age be a Factor when Considering LASIK Eye Surgery?

8th July, 2013  

The idea of being free from contact lenses and glasses is extremely tempting for anyone who suffers from poor eyesight. On average, over 100,000 people sign up every year to have laser eye surgery to correct their vision. With its remarkable success rate, this virtually pain-free process is a quick and effective. It is therefore no surprise that laser eye surgery continues to grow in popularity across patients of all ages. Even in your 50s or beyond, if your eyes are otherwise healthy, LASIK surgery can produce excellent results. Age isn’t a big factor when considering whether to have the … more

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