Does laser eye surgery hurt?

Eye Laser Treatment

Eye laser treatment can free you from glasses and contact lenses forever.

Curing a number of eye ailments, the surgery involves a gentle laser being shined on the eye to reshape the cornea to correct a range of conditions including cataracts, short-sightedness (myopia) long-sightedness (hyperopia) and refractive errors of the eye (astigmatism). Treatments are known to cure numerous eye conditions and vary depending on the condition you have. Whether you are short-sighted, long-sighted, suffer from blurred vision or have cataracts, laser eye surgery is a painless procedure that can correct numerous eye errors.

What does the procedure involve?

The procedure reshapes the cornea, to either flatten or curve it, depending on what condition needs treating and ensures light rays fall in the right area of the retina – the part of your eye which interprets the images you see.

Short-sightedness can be treated as people with this ailment tend to have a cornea that is too steeply curved or a longer eye than normal, which means light falls short of the retina, resulting in difficulties focusing on distant images. Long-sightedness can be treated by as people with this ailment tend to have a cornea that is often too flat or the eye is too short, which causes light rays to reach far beyond the retina. This makes images at a distance easy to see, but objects at close-range difficult to focus on.

Before the procedure begins, local anaesthetic drops are placed into the eye that needs treating. A hinged flap is then cut in the cornea to allow it to be lifted before gentle laser pulses reshape the tissue underneath. After the laser has reshaped the cornea, the flap is replaced. Both eyes can usually be treated on the same day. However your surgeon should treat each eye as a separate procedure to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between the eyes.

Is Laser Eye Surgery for you?

The effects can be instantly life-changing and if you are considering having eye surgery it is important to research the information available both online and through your local eye clinic. The clinic should be able to offer you quality laser eye surgery at an affordable price.

Our team understand that you want the best quality laser eye surgery, without the high costs that are often associated with the procedure. We are able to put you in touch with some of the best eye clinics in the UK who will offer you a reasonable price for expert advice and high-quality laser treatment. We work with the UK’s leading laser eye surgery clinics, so whether you would like treatment in London, Manchester or Glasgow, we can help you to find the highest quality medical attention in your area. By completing the contact form on our website we will help you to find a local laser eye surgery clinic that will provide you with a personal quote ensuring the eye laser treatment cost is acceptable.

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