Laser Eye Surgery Prices

Does laser eye surgery hurt?

Does laser eye surgery hurt?

It’s understandable that the first question on many people’s lips is “will it hurt”?

Surprisingly, people are often more concerned about whether the operation is painful rather than the risks or how much laser eye surgery costs.

Please see our article the practical concerns of choosing a laser eye surgeon, where we discuss in detail the practical concerns that you need to take into account when choosing a surgeon for your surgery.

Laser eye surgery is a pain-free operation

Whether you opt for LASIK or LASEK surgery, it is an almost painless procedure which causes little discomfort.

To ensure the operation is as pain-free as possible, the eyes are anaesthetised using eye drops.

Laser eye surgery can be uncomfortable

The only aspect of the operation that causes some patients discomfort is the instrument that’s used to keep the eye lids open to stop you from blinking.

However, not everyone finds this uncomfortable. If you relax and resist the urge to fight the situation, it shouldn’t be a problem.


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